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About Us

We are a family raised with Anatolian culture from generation to generation, with our faces turned towards modernism and the West, and we never compromise on our basic values, honesty, and our promises.

With our 55-year experience, we value trust and happiness above all else, and take pride in changing people’s lives, and keeping our promises in every building we construct from houses to stores to offices and to green spaces. Under the leadership of our founder and Chairman Hikmet Balcı, since 1967 we are working for happiness of people and shaping the industry with novelties and changes.

Since our inception, we’ve rapidly adapted to changing dynamics and new technological advances in the construction sector. We’ve presented quality living conditions to around 500 families with our successful projects.

We meticulously work at every stage of the building you dream of with utmost attention paid to following processes and standards. Our biggest motivation is to change people’s lives, and contribute to our environment and life itself.

We are contributing to the prosperity of our society and Turkish economy by providing people with new living spaces and offering job opportunities to thousands at Yapıkur.

Our Values

We’re using tomorrow’s technology today!

We always aim to be ahead of our time. We build every project on the concept of innovation, and always use modern technologies in living spaces, architecture and smart home systems.

Bringing dynamism to the industry.

We aim to be the leaders in the construction sector, which is a very mobile industry; therefore, we adopt dynamism. And this helps us in quickly adapting to technological changes, new trends in architecture, environmental and smart technologies.

No concessions on quality regardless of working conditions.

Regardless of working conditions, we never make concessions on quality. We meet all quality standards in construction of living spaces and buildings with certificates from authorized institutions.

Reliability above all else.

Reliability means keeping our promises as well as earning the trust of all our employees. While maintaining a planned workflow, we spread our efforts to ensure the occupational safety of our employees.

Working for a greener world.

We are working for a better world with greener living spaces. We develop environment-friendly projects, analyze projects systematically and in line with legal procedures, and take measures against pollution.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We aim to hand down a better and greener world to future generations. We work with this awareness, and contribute to environment and humanity in every project we design. We also contribute to the growth of the Turkish economy by offering job opportunities for thousands.

Our Mission

We combine modern architecture with practical and durable living spaces, and aim to construct perfect and comfortable working places. From project to construction site phase, and operation to material selection, we work meticulously in all stages to build durable spaces for future generations to come.